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Public health data has made clear that the impacts of the coronavirus are most concentrated in historically marginalized communities of color. As part of NBA Together, the NBA family is working with with leading organizations to raise awareness about these disparities and support response efforts in three key areas:

  • Health Equity – raising awareness about root causes for systemic public health inequities; promoting accurate public health guidance (through PSAs, Virtual Roundtables, social media etc); supporting national/local relief efforts aimed at protecting communities of color and fighting issues like food insecurity, the digital divide, and more.
  • Economic Equity – partnering with organizations working to support non-profits, small businesses, and individuals in communities of color through grants, financial coaching and educational materials;
  • Social Consciousness – creating platforms for NBA and WNBA players, legends, coaches, civil rights leaders and other leading voices to unpack root causes of inequity, shine a light on acute injustices (e.g. the COVID outbreak inside the correctional system), encourage civic participation (e.g. Census completion), and counter bigotry and hate (e.g. the rise in anti-Asian violence hate speech).

1-on-1 with Caron Butler

#NBATogether Virtual Roundtables hosted by Caron Butler

The NBA Together Virtual Roundtable series features discussions that examine and the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on historically marginalized communities of color.  Hosted by NBA Champion and Vera Institute of Justice Board Member Caron Butler, the series features leading voices from the NBA and WNBA family and social justice leaders. Each conversation focuses on a different topic and creates room for an in-context discussion of systemic inequity and highlights ways we can all take action in pursuit of equality.

Team & Player Support

The NBA family is partnering with leading community organizations to create PSA messages  shining a light on COVID’s disproportionate impact on marginalized communities communities of color and driving viewers to support the response efforts.