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For the past seven seasons, the NBA and State Farm are proud to have come together to turn on-court assists into off-court assists in the communities around the country. This season, for every assist made during a regular-season game, the NBA and State Farm are donating $5 to enhance STEAM learning and technology in classrooms and afterschool programs across the country.

Curriculum Overview

The NBA, State Farm, and Learn Fresh are proud to share this five-lesson experience with students and educators across the country. Designed in the spirit of the State Farm Assist Tracker, which generates assists to the community from assists made on the court, the following lessons introduce students to the real-life applications of STEAM topics, while also encouraging them to be better citizens in their schools and local communities.

We encourage all educators to complete the following five STEAM-based lessons, while also implementing the Student Assist Tracker in their classrooms. All participants can also follow along online, as the State Farm Assist Tracker logs the league’s current assist total at

Download the 2022 Curriculum Here

About The Grant Program

How would your STEAM program look and feel with an updated computer lab, smart boards, or a robotics lab? Maybe some fitness trackers to monitor activity in PE? With a little bit of effort and ingenuity, you could receive up to $100,000 in funding to bring your dream project to life!

As part of the NBA Cares State Farm Assist Tracker, the NBA and State Farm® have teamed up to help impact your community – and others across the country – by donating $5 for every assist made in each game this season.

Acting in the spirit of being a good neighbor, you and your students will have the opportunity to apply for this funding by completing the Youth Assist Tracker Challenge. This experience engages students in STEAM learning, while also challenging them to consider their personal impact on their community.

How To Apply

All schools and out-of-school time programs, serving 6-8th graders, are encouraged to participate and apply by completing the steps below:

1) Complete the linked Youth Assist Tracker Challenge lessons with as many students as possible at your club.

2) Complete and submit the following application form by June 1st, 2022: State Farm Assist Tracker Grant Application

That’s it! After the application deadline, we will award two $25,000 grants, one $50,000 grant, and one grant up to $100,000 to deserving schools and programs across the country. Get started today for a chance to enhance your STEAM program! If you have any additional questions as you begin, please send them directly to

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Learn Fresh

Learn Fresh is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing innovative STEM learning experiences that empower educators and inspire students. Their programs leverage students’ passion for sports and entertainment to inspire their STEM and social-emotional learning, and explicitly focus on achieving equitable representation across the STEM pipeline for girls, students of color, and those living in low-income communities. NBA Math Hoops, their flagship program, has engaged over 500,000 students across the US through a comprehensive community program, curriculum, and digital and physical games that allow students to learn fundamental math and social-emotional skills through the sport of basketball. The Youth Assist Tracker Challenge curriculum has been developed and is implemented annually by Learn Fresh with schools and out-of-school time programs nationwide.